Products and Services

Product Description

Peak Fuel sells LPG, which is a type of gas that can be liquefied by adding pressure at ambient temperature. It consists of flammable hydrocarbons, predominantly with propane and butane.

LPG is primarily obtained from crude oil refining or natural gas fractionation. It can also be produced from renewable sources. LPG is ideal as fuel in domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

Product Use and Safety

LPG is potentially hazardous if mishandled or misused. Principal hazards associated with LPG are fires and explosions. Hence, proper care in handling this product is emphasized to minimize incidents and/or accidents.

Product Specification and Testing

Peak Fuel adheres with the Philippine National Standard PNS/DOE QS 005:2016 for checking the quality of its LPG products. The ASTM D2163-14, described as the Standard Test Method for Determination of Hydrocarbons in Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LP) and Propane/Propene Mixture by Gas Chromatography is also used for analyzing LPG and as basis for issuance of the Certificate of Quality.

Safe Work Environment

At Peak Fuel, site safety within our operational premises is paramount. Throughout our facilities, the promotion of a safety mindset and observance of safety protocols is of top priority.

Peak Fuel’s commitment to safety begins with ensuring that its employees are provided with a safe working environment. Likewise, the company is always working towards providing its host communities the peace of mind of having a safely operating plant in the neighborhood.

Our Safe Work Environment

Various safety training and seminars are conducted to equip employees with the proper skills and knowledge to identify, eliminate and protect themselves from potential hazards in their workplaces, and eventually develop a safe work attitude. Safety management systems and operational procedures are also in place and implemented to guide employees in their day-to-day activities. Daily site safety inspection is conducted. A regular safety audit is scheduled, as well as risk assessment and compliance evaluation for safety, environmental and legal requirements.

Peak Fuel takes advantage of the existing safety and fire protection equipment strategically located inside the Complex, thereby minimizing safety risks. We have our own fleet of fire trucks, and an emergency response team trained as first-line crew that is ready to respond to any fire emergency at the site. The Complex is also equipped with deluge systems, fire hydrants with monitors, fire hoses and nozzles, fire extinguishers, alarms and detection systems to augment the firefighting facilities. Moreover, an emergency preparedness and response procedure is in place, which guides workers to handle exigencies. The procedure is tested for its effectiveness through periodic drills and exercises. Security protocols are also strictly enforced.

Services We Offer

As we aim to become the preferred supplier of LPG in the Philippines, Peak Fuel offers the following value-added services to our customers.

Dedicated Account Management Icon

Dedicated Account Management
A designated Account Officer facilitates the customer’s end-to-end bulk LPG requirements, which include seamless order booking, delivery coordination, and documentation. The Account Officer serves as the customer’s main liaison with Peak Fuel.

Full-Service Sales Administration Icon

Full-Service Sales Administration
Our Sales Administration Team provides the whole range of services needed to serve our customers. This includes sales order processing to ensure accuracy in the generation of sales quotations and sales orders, as well as order planning and delivery scheduling to facilitate proper order queueing and truck matching activities. Sales data management for order monitoring, customer performance report, documentation and collection support are also provided. Together with the Finance Department, the team likewise ensure that sales invoices and collection receipts are processed on time.

Continuous Safety Training Icon

Continuous Safety Training
Safety awareness training is regularly given not just for site employees, but also for the tank truck drivers. It starts upon their arrival at the loading bay. Tank trucks are required to be regularly inspected and properly maintained. Tank truck drivers are also provided with a loading checklist, which includes safety and security guidelines for compliance. Good safety practices on the road are also necessary for transport operations given the hazards associated with local transport through roads. Hence, our drivers are trained in avoiding and dealing with traffic risks and road hazards.

Deliver Service Icon

Delivery Service (3rd Party Haulers)
We work closely with our logistics services providers that carefully undergo stringent screening and accreditation processes. Our qualified hauling units are all equipped with GPS and CCTV for the additional safety of our delivered goods and an Emergency Response Rescue Team for stalled truck and truck breakdowns is always on call for emergencies. Also, our truck scale (weighbridge) is regularly maintained and calibrated for accuracy and consistency.