About Us

Our Company

Peak Fuel Corporation (Peak Fuel) is the fuels trading arm of JG Summit Petrochemicals Group (JGSPG). Our company supplies liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to refillers and marketers, who in turn, service dealers, retail outlets, and end-users from the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors across the country.

Peak Fuel Corp. is a subsidiary of JG Summit Olefins Corporation (JGSOC), which is wholly owned by JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JG Summit).

JG Summit is one of the largest and most diversified Philippine conglomerates, engaged in food and beverage through Universal Robina Corporation, air transportation through Cebu Pacific Air, real estate through Robinsons Land Corporation, banking and financial services through Robinsons Bank, and petrochemicals through JGSOC. JG Summit also has core investments in power distribution, power generation, communications, and has likewise ventured into infrastructure, technology, and logistics.

With JG Summit’s entry into the fuels market through Peak Fuel, the Group reinforces its mission of Making Life Better for every Filipino. As we aim to establish ourselves as a reliable LPG supplier in the country, we look forward to positively contributing to the domestic market by making LPG readily available and more affordable for our customers, which will ultimately be the Filipino consumer.

Our Beginnings

Building on JGSOC’s dominance as the largest and the only fully-integrated petrochemical complex in the Philippines, the Group’s existing assets, investments, and facilities allowed the expansion of its product portfolio to add on high-value commodity fuels including LPG. Coupled with the robust annual growth in LPG consumption in the Philippines driven by residential and household demand, JGSOC ventured into LPG and leveraged these opportunities through Peak Fuel.

For this reason, Peak Fuel was incorporated in January 2020 to be the fuels trading arm of JGSOC, mainly to sell LPG. Construction of its LPG terminal started in February 2019 and was completed in June 2021. Commercial operations commenced in August.

Our Facilities

Peak Fuel's facility is located in Barangay Simlong and Barangay Pinamucan Ibaba, Batangas City, 120 kms south of Manila. It is capable of supplying customers through land-based or sea-based channels. The terminal has the capability to load LPG on bullet trucks to cater the needs of the refillers market based in various parts of Luzon. It can also fill-in pressurized gas carriers to serve domestic and export customers with sea-fed terminals.

Peak Fuel imports butane and propane through gas tankers which are received through the jetty facility of the complex. It can import refrigerated LPG via Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGC’s) and store the materials in refrigerated tanks. Transfer of LPG from refrigerated vessels to refrigerated tanks requires a shorter lay time, which contributes to the cost effectiveness of the terminal and its ability to provide supply stability in the market.

Peak Fuel has two LPG bullet tanks designed for truck loading with a combined capacity of 900 MT. For vessel ship loading, the facility uses two spherical pressurized tanks with a total capacity of 8,000 MT.

With the combined volume of its two refrigerated tanks at 32,000 MT, Peak Fuel stands as the company with the largest LPG storage capacity in a terminal in the domestic market.

Our Beliefs

Peak Fuel’s vision is to be the preferred supplier of LPG in the Philippines. Our mission is to support local industries through reliable supply of essential fuels.

We are guided by three key attributes.


We are your dependable LPG supplier.

Customer centricity

We put the customer first because they are at the core of our business.

Value for money

We bring cost-effective value to our customer.

We are likewise steered by the values of JG Summit Holdings, Inc. namely:

Our Logo

Peak Fuel’s logo mark is a combination of two elements represented by the flame on top and the mountain peak at the bottom, together forming a drop.

The blue flame signifies the burning efficiency of fuel that produces the maximum power output without any wastage. It also reflects the nature of the business that we are engaged in which is in fuels trading.

The green mountain peak vividly implies our vision to be the preferred supplier of LPG and other fuels. Finally, the integration of the two elements forms a drop, symbolizing the petroleum fuel, which will be the core offering of the company.